Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Internet Ethics Product Countermeasures Can Help a Website Control Content

eople who operate websites want others to visit their website. There are many websites that encourage people to leave comments and engage in discussions about certain topics. The problem is that not everyone writes things that are appropriate for others to read. Either the comments are offensive and do not belong there or they might be trying to advertise something for free. It is important for the operators of the website to be able to control what other say on their website when given the opportunity. It is not about censoring people's opinions; it is about filtering out the comments that do not belong. If a website employs software that provides  Internet Ethics  product countermeasures they can maintain some type of control over their website. They still need to be vigilant as there are some people who will figure out ways around the software but it is a good place for the website owner to start.

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