Sunday, 30 October 2011

Protecting Professional Athlete Reputations

In the world of professional sports, there has been an increased need for Athlete Reputation Management services. There was a time when all a professional athlete needed was their coach, a good lawyer and agent. However, in recent years things have really been changing in the representation of professional athletes, including those from the NFL and NBA. This has included more agents hiring the services of a PR firm to handle managing the reputation of their high profile sports clients. In some cases, this has involved managing social media fan pages for select athletic celebrities, and also updating their personal blogs and websites. In other cases, reputation management services have been used to handle media questions and inquiries into situations such as athlete arrests, personal altercations, and other types of negative behavior. Unfortunately, the need for these type of services is expected to continue to increase as professional sports leagues continue to recruit younger and younger athletes.

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